Swedish Massage Is A Fantastic Solution For Built-Up Tension And An Ideal Way To Ease Tired And Overworked Muscles.

  • First your therapist will do an initial consultation. They will perform a postural analysis and ask about any muscles that may need specific attention.
  • Your therapist will then leave the room, to allow you to undress to your comfort level.
  • Once you’re ready, your therapist will start light compressions to warm up your muscles.
  • A therapist will then use a combination of kneading, long gliding strokes, vibration and friction throughout the duration of the massage to ensure every knot is taken out.
  • After your session, your therapist will discuss a self-care plan and, if necessary, recommend any follow-up treatments.

A Swedish massage is a great way to enjoy a relaxing massage, as well as soothe any aching muscles.

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