About Us


About Us

Angel's Hands Massage is all about luxury, comfort, enjoyment and relaxation.

Most people are aware of the wonderful benefits of a quality massage: stress relief, relaxation, post-operative recovery, reduced anxiety, etc.

While there are many numerous benefits of a properly administered massage, many people don’t take into consideration the therapists themselves, their appearance, their skill level, how friendly they are, and their motivation for being a therapist.

Why not have luxury combined with a therapeutic massage?

At Angel’s Hands Massage, we understand that being comfortable with your therapist is almost as important as the massage itself. We ventured off to create an unique massage experience that will keep you coming back for more.

That’s why we have put together an group of charismatic therapists who are extremely friendly and truly love what they are doing. Their goal is the ensure you enjoy your session are completely relaxed so the massage itself will have a better effect. Each of our therapists truly want to help others. They enjoy making others comfortable or by helping alleviating aches and pain. We want you to have an experience you won’t forget

We call our therapists, Angels, because that’s what they are. They are angels who strive to give you the best relaxing massage possible, all while maintaining the highest level of professionalism coupled with an ultimate relaxation experience.

Our Therapists

Ultimate relaxation is a quick click away when you book with Angel’s Hands Massage. Every one of our “angels” on our team is highly qualified and thoroughly vetted to not only the exemplary full body massage services you’d expect, but the peace of mind that ensure total enjoyment. Our charismatic massage therapists work every knot with exceptional skill and deliver a customized and personable experience, complete with a pleasant conversation, or relaxing silence, based on your preferences.


Massage Treatment?

You can easily book a talented massage therapist for a heavenly 60, 90, or 120-minute massage of your choosing while enjoying the competitive rates and the convenience of on-site services. With Angel’s Hands Massage, you never need to leave your, home, office, or hotel to indulge in luxury and relaxation you so richly deserve.

Whether you choose the calming strokes of a Swedish massage, maybe hoping to eliminate painful knots through a deep tissue massage, or trying to soothe your aching feet, our talented and highly trained team of “angels” are on the job, with strong hands to knead away every bit of tension, and soothing conversations to quiet your restless mind.