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Las Vegas - Jayne

Las Vegas Therapist

NV License - 9097

Jayne - Originally from the East Coast of the US, spent a lot of time growing up in New York and Florida.

Received massage training as a degree from Keiser University in Florida, graduated 2004.

Trained in Sports and Orthopedic Massage Therapy techniques to add a medical background twist to her already perfected deep tissue massage technique.

Jayne has been practicing massage for almost 16 years massage as she loves investing her hours in helping others relive pain or to progress in life with less stress.

Jayne enjoys being a massage therapist because it has taught her so much.  She remembers when she was in school for massage therapy and learned that it was so much deeper than she had ever imagined or knew it to be.

She specifically remembers learning about the Pfimmer technique and how she (Pfimmer) was able to reverse paralysis of the lower extremities through her therapy.  This was the when Jayne realized that massage therapy was one of her passions in life.

When not engaged in massage therapy, Jayne really enjoys the outdoors.  Loves to hike, water sports, travel, explore and just about any other adventure.

As far as music goes, this is a real passion of hers, as well.  Music brings happiness and life to her and she enjoys any type of music that has a good beat or great words.

One minute it might be Eminem, the next Luke Bryan and maybe even a little Beethoven.